We are Imonn. We are an empowering, bold and forward thinking multiband e-commerce online store, inspired by real life. We bring all products under one banner informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a customer in a digitally immersed world today. With hundreds and hundreds of products at one time and fresh new entries hitting down our site every single day, We are not just another e-commerce site you see in the market, we are a rapidly growing trend in Organic , eco-friendly products , multiple verticals like cosmetics , healthcare and many more. Our collections are exclusive and we strive to create shores of dreamers and believers in our brand, taking the risks no one else dares to take.

And most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we aim to deliver the biggest trends at the most affordable prices, on a global scale. Along with competitive delivery to any part of the country, we are here for when the good times roll. The Imonn business model is all about you, the customer. That’s why, when you click around our website, you will find and discover all the products that you want and need.

Imonn set its foot on the online market grounds in the year 2018.  We know online shopping is meant to be lived, loved and shopped for fun and shouldn't mean emptying a purse for a single item. Imonn was created with this in mind to provide the most unique products, trend driven, available without the heavy marked up price tag most retailers provide. Imonn is continuously expanding and evolving, the rest is still unwritten.

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Our in-house team comprises of some of the best talent from around the country. We are continually investing in technology, talent and innovation to push the boundaries of e-commerce. When you shop on Imonn, whether it be any of our Organic product or anything is wellness, you are navigating cutting-edge tech built by us for YOU.

At Imonn, we are not afraid to supersede the status quo and innovate. Ask our team (follow us on Face book and Twitter) - we believe that the best cultures are fun, transmissible, ambitious and obstinate. And the outcome of all that - a daily mission to make your shopping experience a dream for you.

We are Imonn, We are real. And we do things the way no one has ever done!